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Servo Class Couplings in Miniature Sizes from Zero-Max Inc

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Minnesota, United States based Zero-Max Inc offers Servo Class Couplings in Miniature Sizes.


Zero-Max has expanded its line of Servo Class coupling its include a new smaller 16 mm diameter size with operating torques of 4.43 in-lb in both single SD and double disc SC models. Called the SD005 or SC005, this coupling is designed for use in miniature servo applications.

Designed to handle the drive and resolution characteristics of servomotors such as AC, DC, or stepper and AC synchronous. Servo class couplings features zero-backlash, flexible metal stainless discs and keyless clamp-style mounting hubs.

They offer high torsional stiffness with low inertia to avoid system resonance. The single disc SD005 design provides a smaller package with greater torsional and axial stiffness than the double disc SC005 design that will allow for small amounts of parallel misalignment.

Both require no maintenance and are quick and easy to install. Performance specifications for these couplings are (figures in brackets are for SC005): operating torque-4.43 inch-lbs; maximum RPM-10,000 RPM; torsional stiffness-43.3(30.5) in/lb/deg; parallel misalignment – -0.002 inch; angular misalignment – 0.5Ί; axial misalignment - ±0.002 (0.004) inch; weight – 0.245 (0.35) Oz; moment of inertia – 0.0009 ( 0.0013) Ib.in²; min bore – 0.157 inch; and max bore – 0.236 inch.

Contact Details:
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13200. 6th Avenue North, Polymouth,
Minnesota - 554415509, Saint Paul,
Telephone 1-800-533-1731 / 736-546-4300
Fax 763-546-8260
Last updated on: Tue Mar 12 2019

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