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Yuyutsu Instruments
Manufacturer of Coating thickness gauges

Products from Yuyutsu Instruments:
Coating Thickness Meter  
Yuyutsu Instruments offers Coatmeasure, which measures coating thickness, M2s, M6s,  and M12s: for non-magnetic coatings on magnetic base; ideal for coatings on MS; C2s and C4s; for non-conductive coatings on conductive base; for anodising and...

Digital Coating Thickness Gauge  
Yuyutsu Instruments offers Coatmeasure digital coating thickness gauges that measure thickness of coatings on metals. In the new model Coatmeasure S, the company has introduced a statistical function, i.e., Number of readings; Max and Min are...

Contact Details:
Yuyutsu Instruments
W-248 MIDC Phase II, Dombivli (E),
Thane - 421 204 Maharashtra. India
0251-2870956/1569 • 2871569, 5690341

Last Updated: Wed 28 Nov 2018

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