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Pressure and Differential Switches Utility Series from Waaree Instruments Ltd

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Mumbai, India based Waaree Instruments Ltd offers Pressure and Differential Switches Utility Series.


Waaree, one of the largest instrumentation solutions companies, has launched the Utility series pressure and differential pressure switches. Utility series pressure switches are available as simple electro mechanical device operating on basic principles.

On reaching the preset pressure value, the switch can either start or stop any electrical equipment. These switches are compact in size and sleek in aesthetics and give the end product a great appeal.

The setpoint is field adjustable through out the range with scale, without any comparator, and the adjustment is provided externally.

The deadband has both adjustable and fixed options.

The switch houses the most reliable micro switch, and the phosphor bronze bellows compatible to most of the media, relevant to the application of these switches. Provision of terminal blocks for easy wiring is another user-friendly feature of the Utility Series.

A high temperature withstanding capability, better scale accuracy and outstanding repeatability further enhances the credibility of the product. Besides, the switches are accompanied with mounting brackets, which enables for easy installation across pipes, panels, etc.

Contact Details:
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36 Damji Shamji Industrial Complex, Off Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (E)
Mumbai - 400093, Maharashtra,
Telephone 022-66963030 / 26874778
Fax +91-22-26873613 / 28321273
Last updated on: Fri Nov 30 2018

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