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Dust Cleaning Machine for Plywood and Ceramic Tiles Industries from Valgro India Limited

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Ahmedabad, India based Valgro India Limited offers Dust Cleaning Machine for Plywood and Ceramic Tiles Industries.


Valgro India offers Valgro Hyzer Dust Cleaning Machine specially designed for ceramics tiles and plywood industries. Dust sticking is a universal problem and it is difficult to clean and remove by traditional process, i.e., nylon wire and steel wool. The company has developed this advanced dust cleaning/brushing machine for increased productivity and reduced rejection brushing and rework.

It is available with multi station top and bottom brushing stations, in three models: basic, model DCS 24, advanced model CeraTa-50 and PlyMa 50.DCS 24 Dust Cleaning Machine; specially developed for green cleans all loose and sticky dust from the surface without damaging the tiles or causing hair cracks. This machine removes dust, pitch mark, fins and picks valley from tile surface and provides smooth finish for subsequent process.

CeraTa 50 Polishing Machine: a unique brushing machine specially designed for wet grinding on vitrified ceramics tiles.

It provides superior surfacing with matt and satinlook, and increase gloss value. This machine is available with multi station upper side brushing station with brush oscillation.

Surface preparation abrasives manufacturing experience has allowed the company to build the brushing machine with all the necessary technical devices required to obtain a perfect flat surface. These machines are designed to suit individual customer applications and requirements.

PlyMA 50 Plywood termite dust cleaning machine; this plywood dust cleaning machine is specially designed for cleaning and removal of termite process dust from base surface.

Contact Details:
Mr. Arvind Patel
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Valgro House, 2nd Floor, Shailly NH No: 8, Virat Nagar
Ahmedabad - 382350, Gujarat,
Telephone 079-22972603 / 22972604
Fax 91-79-22972606
Website: /
Last updated on: Sat Mar 30 2019

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