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Bench Top Programmable Humidity Chamber from Terchy Environmental Technology Ltd

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Taiwan, Taiwan, Province Of China based Terchy Environmental Technology Ltd offers Bench Top Programmable Humidity Chamber.


Environmental Technology is an expert in reliability and environment test equipments in Taiwan since 1978. Headquartered in NanTou City, the manufacturing facilities are in China and Taiwan, and sales and service support around Mainland China.

The company specialises in manufacturing and marketing state-of-the-art, modular and cost effective environment test chambers, such as: temperature/humidity chamber series, HAST/PCT/SALT highly accelerating life tester series, clean over/N2 oven/TS oven series, walk-in chamber, clean room, temp/humid environmental lab, burn in  chamber thermal shock chamber, LCD aging system and so on.

The company offers bench top (programmable) humidity chamber.

Features: temperate range 20~100C/0-100C; humidity range 30~95% RH;  consistency - 0.3C, 2.5% RH; volume 801, 1201; memory-capacity max 10 programs, 100 steps 999 cycles  in total; interior and exterior material stainless steel plate (SUS #304); LED display setting control mode, economical model;  and overheat protection function, key lock, start by time-setting appointment.

Contact Details:
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35, Ind. N Road, Non-Kang Industrial Park, NanTou, City
Telephone +886-49-2250833 (112)
Fax +886-49-2250836
Last updated on: Fri Mar 15 2019

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