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Metal Detectors from Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd

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Pune, India based Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd offers Metal Detectors.


Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd offers Metal Detectors (MD-2000) that work on eddy current principle. These detectors use dual channel phase sensitive detection tor optimum detection ot all types ot metal particles.

The dual channel Pargraph display indicates the type and severity ot metal contamination. Digital techniques in these detectors help to achieve tast, precise and easy setup of various controls.

Designed with automatic balance control, the performance of these equipment is maintained throughout the life without periodic adjustments. Three levels of security codes are provided ensuring that settings are not tampered.

Digital setting of parameters, such as gain, phase, threshold, filters, delays, etc, ensure proper and precise settings. Diagnostics on LCD display is available to ensure that proper rejection of contaminated product is done.

Set parameter data retention on loss of power and real time datalogging is available. Considering the stringent pharmaceutical requirements and hygienic standards, the systems are designed and manufactured from stainless steel and food grade plastic.

To avoid contamination, all the parts in direct contact with the product are easily removeable for cleaning purpose.

Contact Details:
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NDT House, 45, Ambedkar Road, Near Sangam Bridge, Opp Indian Airlines Office
Pune - 411001, Maharashtra,
Telephone 020-26058063/4/5 / 020-26058060/1/2
Fax 020-2605 8073 / 91-20-26058070
Last updated on: Wed Nov 28 2018

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