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Conductivity Meter Type 979 with Digital Display from Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd

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Pune, India based Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd offers Conductivity Meter Type 979 with Digital Display.


Technofour offers conductivity meter, Type 979, which works on the principle of eddy currents. It measures electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals in the ranges of 10% to 102% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard) with an accuracy of 1% IACS.

The readings are taken on the spot by means of hand held probe. It has direct digital display with 0.1% IACS as least count.

The probe size is 8 mm. Using suitable steps sample components up to 4 mm can also be checked.

Conductivity meter Type 979 works on the principle off eddy currents. A probe induces eddy currents at fixed frequency in the test part.

These currents affect the electrical impedance of the test probe. The change impendence is proportional to the electrical conductivity of the test part.

Thus, conductivity measurement is possible by measuring the corresponding change in probe impedance. Some of the typical applications are: measurement of absolute conductivity of electrical hardware and electrical conductors made of copper, aluminium and their alloys; determination of homogeneity of metal near surface; estimation of properties which have correlation to electrical conductivity such as ageing, hardness, etc.

Contact Details:
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NDT House, 45, Ambedkar Road, Near Sangam Bridge, Opp Indian Airlines Office
Pune - 411001, Maharashtra,
Telephone 020-26058063/4/5 / 020-26058060/1/2
Fax 020-2605 8073 / 91-20-26058070
Last updated on: Wed Apr 17 2019

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