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Speedfam India Pvt Ltd
Exporters of lapping and polishing consumables such as synthetic diamond powder, boron carbide, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, lapping oil, polishing pads, polishing compounds, glass polishing compounds etc.

Products from Speedfam India Pvt Ltd:
Flat Honing Machining Systems  
Speedfam (India) offers Flat Honing Machine -- a synchronization of versatility with performance. The flat honing machining systems technology provides rapid stock removal and precision flat surface machining capability for processing a wide range...

Lapping Machine  
Speedfam (India) offers 4-way Double Sided Lapping or Polishing Machines.  These have unique features such as four-way motion, in-process plate conditioning and precise pneumatic pressure control during lapping, variable speed drive, slurry...

Paste and Moistening Spray  
Speedfam Valve Grinding Paste is developed specially for valve grinding applications that furnish scratch free finishing as well exhibits excellent cutting properties. It is available in Extra Coarse, Medium Coarse and Fine Grade in the pack of 400...

Lapping and Polishing Machines Consumable ES Measuring Instruments  
Speedfam (India) Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Speedfam, Japan, offers a complete solution on flat surface lapping and polishing with its product that ranges from Lapping and Polishing Machines, Consumables to Measuring instruments. Speedfam lapping and...

Mehnite Lapping Plates  
Speedfam India Pvt Ltd offers CI grade lapping plates for hand lapping/polishing or machine lapping/polishing applications. Mehnite grade cast iron is selected due to its physical and chemical properties which exhibits excellent results in lapping...

Lapping Pastes  
Speedfam India Pvt Ltd offers lapping pastes to suit variety of lapping operations in order to achieve consistent surface finishing qualities. They consist of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide articles. The abrasive particles govern the material...

Diamond Pastes  
Speedfam (India) Pvt Ltd manufacturers and offers diamond pastes to cater to the need for processing of hard faces right from high stock removal to fine mirror finishing. These pastes consist of diamond particles that are fragile, blocky in shape...

Die Polishing Pastes  
Speedfam (I) Pvt Ltd manufactures and offers die polishing pastes to cater to the needs of hand lapping of dies, mould cavities and various hand polishing applications. These die polishing pastes are developed keeping in mind the need of the...

Valve Grinding Pastes  
Speedfam (India) Pvt Ltd manufactures and offers valve grinding pastes that cater to the needs of hand lapping of valve wedges, set rings, seals, automobile parts, etc. These pastes are developed keeping in mind, the need of the application and...

Contact Details:
Speedfam India Pvt Ltd
W-401, TTC Indl Area MIDC Rabale,,
Navi Mumbai - 400701 Maharashtra. India
022-27692621 • 27690945 022-27692869

Mr. Pradeep Ponkshe

Last Updated: Mon 1 Apr 2019

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