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Quick Change Tip Jaws for CNC Power Chucks from Sealant Enterprises

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Pune, India based Sealant Enterprises offers Quick Change Tip Jaws for CNC Power Chucks.


Sealant Enterprises offers Quick Change Tip Jaws for CNC Power Chucks. Advantages:  tips give accuracy of 0.05 mm TIR after refitting, thus saving boring time.

Advantages: saves 15 to 30 minutes per setting due to quick change tips; the cost of tip set is about 1/3 of soft jaw set; less inventory carrying cost as same tips can be used on different models of chucks of the same size; supplied with easy identification box, thus saving time in finding right jaws set; requires very less storage space; hardenable tips are available; hexagonal bar clamping is possible with hardened flat tips; saves up to Rs. 30,000/- per machine per year in setting time only;  and saves about 90% inventory cost in soft jaws.

Contact Details:
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Plot No: 2/10, S No: 64/5, Chintamani Industrial Estate, Wadgaon (BK), Sinhagad Road
Pune - 411041, Maharashtra,
Telephone 020-24394284 / 56261606
Last updated on: Sun Nov 25 2018

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