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Schenck Jenson and Nicholson Ltd

Products from Schenck Jenson and Nicholson Ltd:
Flexwall Feeders  
Schenck Jenson & Nicholson Ltd offers Flexwall feeders. With a feed rate of 0.2 litre/hr to 27000 litres/hr, these feed systems can be used for continuous feeding, batching and blending of powders and other solid materials up to 5 mm grain size in...

Solid Flow Meters  
Schenck Jenson and Nicholson Ltd offers solid flow meters used for measuring free flowing bulk solids ranging from pulverized to granulate. These flow meters are especially recommended where environmental conditions demand closed system. Deflection...

Mass Flow Feed Systems  
Schenck Jenson and Nicholson Ltd offers mass flow feed systems (Multicor-K), in association with Carl Schenck AG, Germany, for continuous feeding of pulverized coal. These systems operate according to coriolis principle. The feeding of pulverized...

Contact Details:
Schenck Jenson and Nicholson Ltd
67-82, Tupudana Indl Area (New) Hatia,
Ranchi - 834003 Jharkhand. India
651-290735 651-290043

Last Updated: Fri 8 Mar 2019

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