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Floor Hardener from Rushi Enterprise

Category Building, Construction and Maintenance Services Suggest Category
Ahmedabad, India based Rushi Enterprise offers Floor Hardener.


Floor hardener is a particle form composition made in size graded specifications to be used by mixing with cement & grit/stone chips mixture to give extra hardness to the concrete floor without affecting cement chemistry.

Used in prescribed proportions, it can give up to double extra hardness and 50% extra life to concrete floors. Specially sized graded particles increase density of the concrete by filling up the smallest gap thereby resisting disintegration and wearing out of the concrete floor.

Floor hardeners have a generic use but provides greater utility in concrete roads, factories and warehouses, heavy-duty engineering industries, parking lots, society roads, locomotive workshops, railway platforms, ports, runways and wherever there is heavy load encountered.

Floor hardeners are mainly available in Two variants (1) Metallic Floor hardener (2) Non Metallic Floor hardener.

Metconete is a processed metallic composition specially manufactured to be used by mixing with ordinary Portland cement & grit/stone chips to provide x2 to x4 Extra Hard Surface Without affecting the setting time or chemistry of the cement.

Contact Details:
Mr. Rushi Enterprise
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7, Navnidhi, First Floor, Opp Vodafone Center, Stadium Road, Navrangpura
Ahmedabad - 380009, Gujarat,
Telephone 079-2646 5538
Last updated on: Wed Feb 13 2019

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