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Rollon Bearings Pvt Ltd
Manufacturers of sliding bearing supports and expansion bearings.

Products from Rollon Bearings Pvt Ltd:
Steel Linear Bearings  
Rollon Bearings has introduced the internationally acclaimed Easy Line steel linear bearings to the Indian market, manufactured by Rollon SpaItaly. Easy Rail is a strong Linear bearing, offering easy solutions at very competitive prices, to a wide...

Wear Plate and Wear Pads  
Rollon Bearings offers Turcite B wear plates or wear pads. These are used to overcome the problem of wear in critical sliding surfaces of machinery in sugar mills, cement plants and other engineering applications, with advantage. Rollon turcite...

Telescopic Rails  
Rollon Bearings offers telescopic rails manufactured by Rollon Spa of Italy. These rails are used in fields where high load capacities, reliability, low deflection and smoothness of movement are important. With the telescopic rail family all the...

Castfil PTFE Epoxy Coating  
Rollon has introduced a state-of-the-art product, Castfil PTFE putty, PTFE brushable and PTFE repair kits. Castfil is a universal cold weld metal repair and maintenance system and it is technically advanced, versatile, durable, two part epoxy based...

Linear Guideways  
Rollon Bearings offer guideways for machine tools, automated device, semiconductor equipment, heat treatment equipment, medical equipment etc. This is imported linear. It has high precision accuracy, low friction, and low power consumption,...

Ball Screws  
These are imported by Rollon Bearings and feature an accuracy of JIS C0 class for ground item and DIN 5 class (up to 230m) for precision rolled item. The company can arrange to supply ball screws of sizes from 4 m OD to 100 mm OD with the features...

Slydway Low Friction Material  
Rollon Turcite B Slydway material is an engineered thermoplastic compound developed for use in linear bearing element and to avoid metal-to-metal sliding contacts. It is a self-lubricating, wear resistant material manufactured at the company's...

Compact Rails  
Rollon bearings Pvt Ltd offers compact rails, versatile slider systems, manufactured by Rollon Spa, Italy. The compact rail system began with the T-rail offering self-alignment of the rail due to its countersunk fixing holes. As further development,...

Thermoplastic Compounds  
Rollon Bearings Pvt Ltd offes turcite 'B' slydway materials with technical knowhow from Busak Shamban, USA. These are engineered thermoplastic compounds developed for use in linear bearing elements and to avoid metal-to-metal sliding...

Contact Details:
Rollon Bearings Pvt Ltd
4th Floor, Shah Sultan Complex, Cunningham Road,
Bangalore - 560052 Karnataka. India
080-22266928 • 22250287 91-80-22250319


Last Updated: Sat 2 Feb 2019

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