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Locking Assemblies from Ringfeder Power Transmission India Pvt Ltd

Category Personal Safety and Protection Equipment Suggest Category
Chennai, India based Ringfeder Power Transmission India Pvt Ltd offers Locking Assemblies.


Ringfeder Power Transmission GmbH was founded in 1922 in Krefeld, Germany to fabricate and promote friction spring technology. Today, the company has expanded its offerings to top power transmission and damping products.

Innovative thinking has set it apart and allowed to develop progressive and economical solutions to support its growing customers. Ringfeder locking devices are suitable for securing all types of hubes on to shafts and axle.

Replacing traditional shrink fits, keys and polygon connections, splined shafts, etc.

Features: internal Locking Assemblies clamp connection; wide range of standard Locking Assemblies from 6 mm shaft diameter; safe transmission of high torque loads; custom made solutions; backlash-free; shaft sizes 6-300 mm (1/4/08 in); and optional stainless steel.

Contact Details:
Mr. Dheepan Ramalingam
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Plot No: 4, Door No: 220, Mount Poonamallee Road, Kattupakkam
Chennai - 600056, Tamil Nadu,
Telephone 044-26791411
Fax 91-44-26791422
Last updated on: Fri Mar 8 2019

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