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Qureishi Enterprises
Manufacturers of polyester slings used in cranes instead of wire ropes and chains for lifting purposes, material handling products.

Products from Qureishi Enterprises:
Slingset Regular Round Sling  
Qureshi Enterprises offers a range of slings. Single path polyester Slingest regular round sling (Code SR) is an endless round sling made of high tenacity polyester yarn. This is the most basic product, available in capacities from 1 MT to 40 MT...

Slingset Webbing Sling  
Qureishi Enterprises offers a range of slings. Slingset webbing slings are available in various types: simple or duplex sling with reinforced eyes (Code SSW or SDW); polyester double layered duplex webbing slings (Code SDW); or single layered...

Vacuum Lifters  
Qureishi Enterprises offers mechanical vacuum lifters, manufactured by Anver Corpn, USA. These vacuum lifters are unique self-contained, ideal for loading metal sheet and plates onto cutting tables, shears, saws, etc. they have salient features...

Vacuum Lift Systems  
Querishi Enterprises introduces VB vacuum material handling equipments, manufactured by Anver Corpn, USA. These vacuum lift systems are one of the vacuum lifting groups of equipments, which are integrated, ergonomic high-flow systems....

Vacuum Tube Lifters  
Qureishi Enterprises offers vacuum tube lifters, manufactured by Anver Corpn, USA. Ergonomic controls in these tube lifters ensure super-smooth operations. They are equipped with the latest Siemens extra-quiet drive vacuum pumps. These pumps feature...

Contact Details:
Qureishi Enterprises
101 Classic Corner, 133 Hill Road, Bandra (W),
Mumbai - 400050 Maharashtra. India
22-6443522 • 022-24978888, 24978989 22-26434462

Last Updated: Tue 12 Mar 2019

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