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Soft Tooling of Sheet Metal Protoparts from Quality Pattern Works Pvt Ltd

Category Sheet Metal Components, Precision and Turned Components Suggest Category
Pune, India based Quality Pattern Works Pvt Ltd offers Soft Tooling of Sheet Metal Protoparts.


Quality Pattern Works offers Soft Tooling of Sheet Metal Protoparts. In order to reduce costs of tooling for press operations, efforts are made to use alternative tool materials like wood or plastic.

Friction and wear characteristics in sliding contact with zinc-coated steel sheet could, however, limit the applicability of these tool materials for automotive applications. In this work the wear resistance of alternative tooling materials is studied by a combination of forming tests at a high speed stamping line and model wear tests using the TNO slider-on-sheet tribometer.

With this tribometer, volume loss of alternative tooling materials can be determined as a function of the sliding distance, using sheet materials from automotive practice.

Results show that the wear rate of a soft tool material can change two orders of magnitude as a result of the zinc layer type used. Furthermore, it is shown that the relative performance of alternative tool materials is strongly related to the hardness of the (tooling and sheet) materials.

Industrial forming tests with a selection of alternative tooling materials confirmed the model wear test results.

Contact Details:
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Plot No: 71/1 B, Unit No: 6, Khira Industrial Premises Near `ASALí, G Block, MIDC Bhosari
Pune - 411026, Maharashtra,
Telephone 020-27127761
Fax 91-20-27121651
Last updated on: Sat Dec 1 2018

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