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Prosol Chemicals Pvt Ltd
Manufactureres of safety equipment for industrial businesses, fire fighting equipment, anticorrosive chemicals and rust preventatives, abrasive products, plastic films and sheets, paper, metallurgy and mining chemicals.

Products from Prosol Chemicals Pvt Ltd:
Protective Packaging  
Porsol Chemicals offers protective packaging for aluminium metal parts during storage and transport. The company offers aspecial grade of VCI paper for aluminium protection. The paper is chemically treated with inhibitors, which vaporise to form a...

Acid Inhibitors  
Prosol Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers acid inhibitors (Proin 120), in powder from, which gives 98 per cent efficiency in hydraulic acid picking of sheets, coils, wires, tubes, etc, as against existing acid inhibitors offering 60 to 80 per cent efficiency,...

Mirror Finishing Compounds  
Prosol Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers Gilidol series of compounds for use in vibratory tubs, tumbling barrels and centrifugal finishing machines for mirror finishing of all grades of steel, especially stainless steel. These compounds are used for...

Synthetic Coolants  
Prosol Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers (Lubricool) synthetic coolants bereft of oil, which give long sump life and up to 6 months with no bacterial growth, no downtime and productivity loss. The Lubricool had better cooling efficiency being water-based...

Water Based Rust Preventive  
Prosol Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers an economical water based rust preventive for short term rust protection of ball ferrous metals. HYDRO RP water based rust preventive chemical provides protection for various steel and cast iron components up to 8...

VCI Papers  
Prosol Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers Corsafe VCI papers for complete protection of steel, cast iron and alloy steel from atmospheric corrosion. These papers incorporate world class VCI technology for assured protection of ferrous metals during...

Delining and Polishing Chemicals  
Prosol Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers Glidol series of compounds for delining and polishing of hand tools in vibratory machines and prepare the tools for high quality pre-plating finish. Superior plating finish and consistent quality output are the...

Chromate Conversion Coatings  
Prosol Chemicals P.Ltd., offers a comprehensive range of chromate conversion coating chemicals (PROAL), for aluminium and its alloys to provide clear, golden coloured coatings. These chromate/phosphate or chromate coatings can be applied for...

Anti Tarnish Protection  
Prosol Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers anti-tarnish protection chemicals (Antar) for coppers and alloys, to prevent tarnishing of wires, bars, tubes, stamped parts made of copper and alloys. These compounds give chemical passivation treatment to such...

Contact Details:
Prosol Chemicals Pvt Ltd
143 Transport Road, Gunrock Enclave,
Secunderabad - 500009 Andhra Pradesh. India
040-27849621 • 27818947 91-40-27846872

Last Updated: Tue 5 Mar 2019

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