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Z-Axis Zero Setter from Prolific Technologies

Category Hand Tools, Power Tools & Accessories Suggest Category
New Delhi, India based Prolific Technologies offers Z-Axis Zero Setter.


Prolific Technologies is engaged in manufacturing products like clamping devices, toggle clamps, hydraulic devices, milling and grinding accessories, universal strap clamps, mould clamps, low height pinch clamps, step blocks and leveling jacks. The company offers a Z-Axis Zero Setter.

This tool presetter (Z-Axis Zero Setter Z-50) is used in CNC-milling machining centres to set the tool height in reference to the machine table or the workpiece surface for setting height.

Contact Details:
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217, Gupta Place, A-2/42, Rajouri Garden
New Delhi - 110027, Delhi,
Telephone 011-25102951 / 25463544
Fax 91-11-25195569
Last updated on: Wed Jul 18 2018

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