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Steering System Accumulator from Parker Hannifin India Pvt Ltd

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Navi Mumbai, India based Parker Hannifin India Pvt Ltd offers Steering System Accumulator.


A new piston accumulator that provides exceptional levels of safety for the steering systems of wheel loaders and similar vehicles has been introduced by Parker. The accumulator stores energy form the vehicle’s hydraulic system, providing reserve of energy, which enables the machine to be brought safety to a half in the event of engine failure with its consequent loss of drive to the hydraulics.

The new accumulator system ensures operator and vehicle safety and at the same time, speed and simplifies installation by saving space, reducing pipe work, connections and assembly work, and simplifying the order process.

The system is based on a standard Parker ACP series piston accumulator.

It incorporated a solenoid valve and check valve into a specially extended cap with side-mounted fluid port. Extensive field tests have demonstrated how energy stored in the accumulator enables a wheel loader to be steered, under control but without power, through a predetermined series of maneuvers and brought to a halt in a controlled manner.

Hydro-pneumatic accumulator technology offers a range of proven benefits for manufactures and operators of construction vehicles.

In addition to Steering System Accumulators.

Parker’s piston accumulators are widely used in barking and ride control system to increase productivity and to improve operator comfort and safety. The new accumulator was designed using Parker’s in- house –developed accumulator modeling technology.

Parker Hannifin manufactures a complete lien of piston, bladder and diaphragm accumulators and accessories, covering the full spectrum of mobile and industrial applications.

Contact Details:
Mr. Sankar Vishwanath
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El-26 Ttc Industrial Area, Mahape
Navi Mumbai - 400709, Maharashtra,
Telephone 22-6513 7081-85 / 022-2768 6841, 65137054
Fax 22-7907080 / 91-22 27686841
Last updated on: Mon Jan 7 2019

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