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Check Valves from Omkar Valves Pvt Ltd

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Pune, India based Omkar Valves Pvt Ltd offers Check Valves.


Omkar Valves offers a range of Dual Plate Check Valves. Advantages: no water hammer effect; compact in design with high strength; same valve can be installed horizontally or vertically; very light weight compared to conventional Check Valves; zero maintenance for years; and low pressure drop.

Applications: sugar industries, distilleries, power plants, food processing industries, chemical and pharmaceuticals, paper industries, cement factory, steel industries, water supply, fire fighting systems, petroleum refineries, boiler feed water, cooling water systems and many more.

The company also manufactures butterfly valves and valves with actuators.

Contact Details:
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43/1, B. Jogeshwari Nagar Katraj-Gujarwadi Road Katraj
Pune - 411046, Maharashtra,
Telephone 020-26959283
Fax 91-20-26959272
Last updated on: Tue Dec 11 2018

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