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Neelkamal Agency Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer and wholesale supplier of linear guides, light weight linear guides, high speed linear guids, positioning systems, linear guides with re-circulating elements, power LM guides and electro machanical turret.

Products from Neelkamal Agency Pvt Ltd:
Magnetic Filters  
Neelkamal Agency offers range of Magnetic Filters. These are for use in oil coolers, panel coolers, immersion cooling units, heating and cooling systems for machinery, combined refrigerating and filter plants, water coolers, special application...

Ball Screws  
Neelkamal Agency is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of linear guides, light weight liner guides, high speed linear guides, positioning systems, linear guides with re-circulating elements, power LM guides and electro mechanical...

Neelkamal Agency offers a range of Turrets. These turrets are electro-mechanical, hydraulic, servo with 2 motor and servo with single motor and hydraulic locking, features include: high accuracy; few million operations; tool drive sizes – 50,...

Anti-Friction Wire Race Bearings  
Anti-friction wire race bearings from Franke GmbH offer solutions for all bearing requirements for any application. New generation machines are not only smaller but also high performance type and hence require bearings with little cross-sections,...

Aluminium Recirculating Roller Guide  
Neelkamal offers Franke aluminium re-circulating roller guide. This is a double row re-circulating roller guide ideal for high loads and moment loads. The rollers are arranged cross-wise and run on integrated running bars.  Franke aluminium...

Linear Guides  
Neelkamal Agency P Ltd offers linear guides. Aluminium roller guides prove successful in all fields of handling, mounting precision mechanics, optics, packaging machines, medical equipment, paper working, portal robots, food-producing machines, etc....

Chip Production  
Neelkamal Agency offers Franke bearing assemblies for chip production. The bearing is used of the illumination optics of a wafer stepper. For the manufacturing of precise chip structures an exact axial and radial accuracy as well as high stiffness...

Anti Friction Bearings  
Franke bearing elements are especially favoured in cases where the mating structure has to be produced from aluminium, steel casting, bronze, non-corrosive steel, etc. The race rings adapt to the structure thus allowing the use of materials which...

Machinery Tooling  
Neelkamal Agency offers Franke bearing assembly in a circular table with horizontal - installation rotary unit. Salient features: maximum accuracy and high rigidity; best integration of the bearing in the design of the indexing table; customised...

Contact Details:
Neelkamal Agency Pvt Ltd
55, 1st Floor, SV Complex, K R Road, Basavanagudi,
Bangalore - 560004 Karnataka. India
080-2662 4006 • 6561 1807, 080-2651 14006, 266 91-80-26620400 • 2662 4006

Last Updated: Wed 13 Mar 2019

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