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Load Alternating Relay or P2 ALT1 from Minilec India Pvt Ltd

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Pune, India based Minilec India Pvt Ltd offers Load Alternating Relay or P2 ALT1.


Gnarly we see the main duty pumps work continually and the standby pump remains unused for longer periods and when it required the stand-by duty pumps face problems. In this age of energy conservation there is a need for equal usage of main and stand-by pumps, motors or air conditioners, etc, wherever equipment back ups are provided.

Minilec offers a load alternating relay-a simple ‘step relay' designed to operate the main duty equipment and the stand-by equipment in alternating sequence and governed by external switch or a contact like either pressure switch or level switch or thermostate or a timer, etc. Every time the external contact closes the alternate load will operate ensuring both the equipments used equally.

This ensures the full utilization of the equipment lifetime. P2 ALT1 is an alternating relay that operates on single-phase 230 V AC, or 24 V DC external supply.

Output is a relay contact. Input contact like pressure switch, level switch or thermostat can be connected and provision for additional input for interlocking of starter contactors makes it an intelligent device.

The 11-pin plug-in socket mounted enclosure gives the desired flexibility for the panels.

Contact Details:
Mr. K. W. Kekane
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S. No. 1073/1-2-3, Post: Pirangut, Po Tal Mulshi, Dist Pune
Pune - 412111, Maharashtra,
Telephone 020-22922354-57 / 020-22922355, 020-2292 2162
Fax 20-22922134 / .
Last updated on: Thu Apr 4 2019

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