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Progressive Engineering Corporation
Manufacturers of Currency Note Counting Machines, Fake Note Detecting Machines, Walkie-talkie Sets, Shrink Packing Machines, Personal Privacy Protectors, etc.

Products from Progressive Engineering Corporation:
Walkie-Talkie Sets  
Progressive Engineering Corporation offers PEC-111 (imported) Walkie-Talkie Sets that are approved by Department of Telecommunication (DOT) Government of India and is ideal for those who need mobile wireless communication within specified range or...

Wireless Signal Detectors & Signal Isolators  
Progressive Engineering Corporation offers a range of products for safeguarding privacy – a sovereign right for human beings that is sacred and inviolable. Recent developments have revealed how small hidden pin-hole video cameras have been widely...

Fake Currency Detector Double Power DL 103  
Progressive Engineering Corporation has introduced Double Power DL-103 Fake Note Detector. Superior quality, small compact table top model, the aesthetically designed DL-103 is competitively priced. Fake notes of Rs 100/500/10000 denomination are in...

Venus V 500 Currency Note Counter  
Progressive Engineering Corporation has introduced a new Currency Note Counter, Intelligent Venus V 500. This is a heavy-duty, rugged, table top model with triple display. Very fast and accurate, it counts and also has in-built UV detection. It has...

Portable Currency Counting Machine  
Progressive Engineering Corporation has introduced Venus V-30, a portable Currency Note Counting Machine Venus V-30 is a very compact (190 x 102 x 75 mm) and sturdy note counter with 3-digit display. Having counting speed of 1000 notes per minute,...

Fake Currency Note Detector  
A large number of fake Rs 100/500/1000 denomination notes are in circulation in India. To caution citizens against this menace, the Reserve Bank of India has announced details of various security features of Indian currency notes, by which a person...

Products for Safeguarding Privacy  
Progressive Engineering Corporation offers a range of products for safeguarding privacy from intrusions like pin-hole video cameras and tapping devices. Wireless  signal detectors and signal isolators can counter these spying  gadgets,...

Currency Notes Counting Machines  
Progressive Engineering Corporation has introduced Venus brand currency note managing machines. The range includes: Venus V-30 – portable handy currency note counter with power/battery options; Venus V-500 – heavy duty, table top loose note counting...

Currency Notes Banding Machine  
Venus B2000 bank noted banding machine with polymer bands instead of paper bands. This user shrinkable PVC bands(polymer) ‘shrinks and holds notes in a tight and non tear able band. Notes in this bundle can be counted easily without opening the...

Currency Notes Counter  
Progressive Engineering Corporation, a company known for introducing new and innovative VFM (value for money) products has introduced another model of currency note counter. Intelligent Venus V 300 is a heavy-duty, rugged, table top model currency...

Shrink Packing Chambers  
Progressive Engineering Corpn offers Sun compact shrink packing chambers, a least system of packing for all kinds of products. In shrink packing system a product/articles is wrapped in a heat shrinkable plastic film and this plastic film is made to...

Automatic Grease Lubricators  
Progressive Engineering Corporation supplies LUBESITE automatic grease lubricators, which are modern lubricating systems used in USA, Germany, France, Canada and Japan. LUBESITE ensure safe, permanent, round-the-clock lubrication on all components...

Hot-air Guns  
Wall-mounted automatic hot-air guns offered by Progressive Engineering Corpn, are better and efficient alternative to ordinary hot-air guns. Unlike ordinary hot-air guns held in one hand, these automatic hot-air guns are handsfree. They have timers...

Contact Details:
Progressive Engineering Corporation
172, Nagdevi Street,
Mumbai - 400003 Maharashtra. India
022-23422377 • 23436583 91-22-23412323

Key Contacts:
Manhar Shah
Tel: +(91)-(22)-23422377
Fax: +(91)-(22)-23412323
Tel: +(91)-(22)-23422377
Fax: +(912)-(22)-23412323

Last Updated: Sat 12 Jan 2019

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