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Single Reference Potentiometers from Makarand Electronics Pvt Ltd

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Mumbai, India based Makarand Electronics Pvt Ltd offers Single Reference Potentiometers.


Makarand motorized potentiometer remotely controls the wiper position of a 10 turn potentiometer by means of one “raise” and one “lower” push button switches which are externally connected for remote operation. A geared motor drives the potentiometer.

The speed of the wiper is electronically controlled and can be predetermined independently in raise and lower directions. The wiper moves at a preset speed when the push button is actuated.

The wiper holds on to the set position when push button is not actuated. The wiper does not overshoot beyond extreme limits because of built in controls.

Type SM 781 is wall mounting type SM 781 (6-60 MD 5K 240 V AC): time for full scan-6-60, ie, 6 to 60 seconds (adjustable); value of reference potentiometer-5K, ie, 5 K ohms; and power input-240 V AC, ie, supply voltage 240 V AC. There is an MDZ version in this type where after any interruption of power, the potentiometer will restart from minimum position.

Contact Details:
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Unit 3, I Floor, Darshan Udyog Bhavan Kurla Andheri Road, Safed Pool
Mumbai - 400072, Maharashtra,
Telephone 022-28513023
Fax 91-22-28513521
Last updated on: Sat Mar 16 2019

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