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Hydrostatic PM Flow Controller from Mac Marketing Corporation

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Bangalore, India based Mac Marketing Corporation offers Hydrostatic PM Flow Controller.


Mac Marketing Corporation offers advanced technology from Hyprostatik GmbH, Germany, who are leading manufactures of hydrostatic PM-flow controllers. These are used in machine tools and SPMs and have numerous advantages over capillary tube systems, as under; 4-5 times higher stiffness with reduced oil demand; reduced pump pressure and motor power due to higher efficiency; slideways allow adjustment of stiffness through preload; makes it possible to manufacture threaded spindles with the same or higher stiffness than ballscrews of the same size; high axial load due to differential pressure up to 80% of pump pressure; and in very high speeds the spindles can run with very high loads.

These give the machines accuracies of up to half a micron and repeatability up to 10 years. Depression pockets increase further the stiffness of guide ways without holding strips and eliminating leakage of oil.

Hydrostatic PM-flow controllers find numerous applications for various machine tools such as CNC lathes, machining centers, grinding machines, precision machine tools, milling machines, measuring machines, all large machines, bearings and spindles, etc.

Contact Details:
Mr. Deipak Kumar
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14A Imperial Court, 33/1 Cuningham Road
Bangalore - 560052, Karnataka,
Telephone 080-22200290
Fax 91-80-22205895
Last updated on: Thu Feb 7 2019

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