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Mac Marketing Corporation
Manufacturers of rolling bearings and allied products.

Products from Mac Marketing Corporation:
Ball Screw Support Bearing Units  
MAC Marketing Corporation offers support bearing units for ball screws, which are also called SPT support units. These can be supplied in pillow block and flange design, available for both fixing side and supporting side. Various types are available...

Cone Clamping and Locking Assemblies  
Mac Marketing offers cone clamping and locking assemblies ranging from 10 mm to 60 mm shaft diameter, manufactured by Ringspann GmbH, Germany. These are used as economic solutions for shat hub connection. The clamping assemblies are suitable for...

Silencers and Pneumatic Fittings  
Mac Marketing offers various industrial air and pneumatic silencer models ranging from 1/8 to 1 having pressure range from 1 bar to 6 bars, to solve all type of requirement. The are many fields of application: damping discharge noise emptied by...

Machine Tool Bearings  
Mac Marketing Corporation offers combined axial radial bearings and cross roller precision bearings from Unitec. These bearings offer high accuracy, high axial stiffness and their capacity to bear high tilting moments. The bearings are ideal...

Ceramic Ball Bearings  
These bearings from SNFA bearings Ltd, UK, Cover a wide range of high precision angular SNFA ceramic ball bearings have many advantages over conventional bearings: high speed; high stiffness; high accuracy; low wear; low possibility of skidding;...

Combined Bearings  
These are special kind of bearings called combined bearings, widely used for heavy load applications. These have the following features: inner ring made from bearing steel EN31 SAE 52100 and outer ring made from case hardened steel UNI 16 Cr Ni 4....

Plastic Radial and Thrust Ball Bearings  
These bearings from Mac Marketing Corporation are made to ISO standards, in dimensions from bore of 7 to 60 mm. The outer rings and inner rings of these bearings can be made from polyacetal, polypropylene, polyethylene, PETP, Teflon and Peek...

Hydrostatic PM Flow Controller  
Mac Marketing Corporation offers advanced technology from Hyprostatik GmbH, Germany, who are leading manufactures of hydrostatic PM-flow controllers. These are used in machine tools and SPMs and have numerous advantages over capillary tube systems,...

Tolerance Rings  
Mac Markeying Corporation now offers tolerance rings from Rencol, UK, the world leader in tolerance rings. This is an unique, economical, mechanically effecient method of joining mating cylindrical parts, It is a frictional fastener capable of...

Freewheel Clutches  
Mac Marketing Corporation offers sprag and roller type freewheel clutches in ranges fro 20 mm to 220 mm ID. They have high torque, high indexing accuracies and non-contact over running operation. They can be used as indexing freewheels, over-running...

Ball Bearings  
Mac Marketing Corpn offers super slim ball bearings manufactured by Kaydon Corpn, USA. These thin section bearings are used where space limitations or design configurations pose problems. The 6 " diameter thin section ball bearings are...

Cam Follower Bearings  
Mac Marketing Corpn offers camrol and cam follower bearings designed and built specially to withstand intermittent shock and heavy load of cam operation. Full type needle roller bearing construction gives them ultimate in radial capacity, thus...

Wire-race Bearings  
Mac Marketing Corporation offers a wide range of low-cost large diameter wire-race bearings, manufactured by Healy Bearings International Ltd, UK. These wire-race bearings consist of 4 wire elements, ball & cages and are 4-point angular contact...

Contact Details:
Mac Marketing Corporation
14A Imperial Court, 33/1 Cuningham Road,
Bangalore - 560052 Karnataka. India
080-22200290 91-80-22205895

Key Contacts:
Deipak Kumar
Sr.Marketing Engineer
Tel: +(91)-(80)-22200290
Fax: +(91)-(80)-22205895

Last Updated: Mon 11 Mar 2019

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