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Industrial Hand Cleaner from Kleen and Hygiene Products

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Kerala, India based Kleen and Hygiene Products offers Industrial Hand Cleaner.


Kleen and Hygiene Products offers Hyssop Industrial Hand Cleaner. This is a new product, a non-hazardous, petroleum free, hand cleaner that really works.

It is effective and gentle enough to keep hands clean, help maintain skin natural moisture level. Many factories, garages, fabrication sites, engineering shop floors provide their technicians with ordinary laundry washing powder, diesel, petrol, thinner, etc., to wash their hands, which have negative influences on the skin.

As a result, the skin gets irritated allergies arise and even eczema may occur.

Prevention is better than healing. One in every three work places related sickness is skin problem and the tendency is rising.

This causes problems for workforces as well as management. Workers are more often sick and companies have higher cost.

Hyssop hand cleaner’s deep cleaning action removes dirt, grease, grime, paint, ink, tar, adhesives, varnish and virtually everything else from hardworking hands. Hyssop hand cleaner does not contain harsh chemicals that dry out the skin.

Hyssop industrial handle cleaner is available in 850 ml, 500 ml, 250 ml and 100 ml containers.

Contact Details:
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Naikalikkal PO, Aranmula
Kerala - 689533, Kerala,
Telephone 0468-2286149
Fax 91-468-2288638
Last updated on: Mon Mar 11 2019

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