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Rotary Air Filter from Keystone Air Systems

Category Ventilation, Air Circulation and Conditioning Equipment Suggest Category
Ahmedabad, India based Keystone Air Systems offers Rotary Air Filter.


Keystone make Rotary Air Filter is for Automatic & Continuous Cleaning of Return / Exhaust Air from any Textile Department. This equipment is a Automatic Cleaning Device with Rotating Perforated Sheet Steel Drum Mounted on M.S.Frame.

Filter Medium on Drum, Suction Nozzles with Flexible Suction Hose, Drive Mechanism with Geared Motor & Suction Nozzle Adjustment Dust Collector OR Compactor with High Pressure Suction Fan & Motor with Air Distrubution Box & Wall Mounting Support, Filter Cloth & Dust Collection Bags with accessories etc.

Special Features:

  1. For Automatic & Continuous Cleaning of Return / Exhaust Air in Humidification Plants.
  2. Specially Designed at Very Low Velocity of Air for Continuous Return Air Filteration System.
  3. Perforated Sheet Rotating Drum with Ample Free Area to Catch Maximum Fluff & Dust from the Return / Exhaust Air in Humidification Plant.
  4. Rotating Action Keeps the Media Clean & Maintains Uniform Air Flow.
  5. Avarity of Filter Media / Cloth Selection is Available for Various Applications.
  6. Fluff & Dust Deposited on the Filter Media is Sucked Off By Automatic Sliding Nozzles.
  7. High Static / Powerful Suction Blower is Connected for Effective & Continuous / Automatic Suction / Automatic Cleaning.
  8. Ensures Consistent & Uninterrupted Air Suction from the Production Department.
  9. Clean Air is Achived which is Either Passed for Re-Circulation of for Exhaust.
  10. Allows Uniform Distribution of Conditioned Supply of Air in the Work Areas for Maintaining Desired Atmospheric Conditions Accurately.

Contact Details:
Mr. Yogesh Joshi
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Poultry Farm Compound, Opp Mamtanagar Behind Shastri Stadium, Bapunagar
Ahmedabad - 380024, Gujarat,
Telephone 079-22741278-4624 / 22730282
Fax 079-22744448
Website: /
Last updated on: Thu Nov 29 2018

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