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Temperature Scanners from Kana Electromechs

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Pune, India based Kana Electromechs offers Temperature Scanners.


Kana Electromechs offers Temperature Scanners (series MCTS-101), manufactured and designed to monitor, display, annunciate and trip up to 64 temperature points with RTDs or J, K, R, S and T type thermocouple inputs. Microcontroller-based architecture gives the units flexibility to meet almost any need of customer with keyboard programming.

Standard model are available in 8 and 18 channel versions. Special models with 4 mA to 20 mA analogue output proportional to TMAX are available to meet specific requirements.

Multi-channel scanners of series MCTS-102 are specially developed for accepting 4 mA to 20 mA, 0 V DC to 110 V DC process signal inputs with facility for individually programmable display of process value in scannable engineering units. Input signals can be flexibly grouped to provide alarm (hi) and trip hi hi) signals as programmable values of input signals.

The Temperature Scanners in both the series find applications in various process industries, such as steel, cement, chemicals, fertilizers, power, textile and fire fighting equipment.

Contact Details:
Mr. D.R. Naniwadekar
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16 Pragati Industrial Complex, Plot No. 5, Kothrud Industrial Estate,
Pune - 411038, Maharashtra,
Telephone 20-25439630 / 25437905
Fax 20-25461772
Last updated on: Fri Apr 12 2019

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