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Kalki Info Co Ltd
Manufactures of security systems.

Products from Kalki Info Co Ltd:
Payroll with Attendance Recording System  
Kaki Info Co offers a range of automation products. Payroll with attendance recording system is a state-of-the-art (made in Thailand) finger print stand-alone attendance recording system or RFID type card reader interface to pay roll software....

Speed and Production Control System  
Kalki Info Co offers a range of automation products. The speed/control production system is used to control machine functions based on the production measurements. This is able to control any kind of inverters or multi step conventional relay...

Automation & Security Systems  
Kalki Info Co offers a wide range of automation products. It offers PLC-based automation designs to support all kinds of automation requirements: automation from a simple door opening system to complicated machine functions; and conventional relay...

Count Manager  
Kalki Info Co offers count mangers for yarn, a PC based auto measure system that connects to the electronic balance of any make, with any communication port (USB or LAN or simple RS 232). It provides the yarn count data and long data storage and...

Online Monitoring System  
Kalki Info Co offers a range of automation products. Kalki online monitoring system is designed to measure productivity of any manufacturing industry, including spinning, weaving garments, pharma, engineering, etc. It measures the production...

Web Design System  
Kalki Info Co offers a range of automation products. Getting a company on the world wide web is an absolute necessity for better business opportunities. Kalki Web Mark is a web design system to enable companies getting represented much better way...

Contact Details:
Kalki Info Co Ltd
6/25, Kollupalayam (Velan Kaadu), Kaniyur Post (LMW-Unit II), Karumatham Patti,
Coimbatore - 641 659 Tamil Nadu. India
0422-2334778 • 6584851

Last Updated: Mon 7 Jan 2019

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