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Inmarco Industries Pvt Ltd
Inmarco Industries Private Ltd are manufacturers and exporters of Carbonaceous Fibre Packing, P.T.F.E Fibre Packing, Aramid Fibre Packing, Glass Fibre Packing, Ceramic Products, Graphite Sealing Products, P.T.F.E Sealing Products and Sealing Compounds.

Products from Inmarco Industries Pvt Ltd:
Sealing Plugs and SK and HK and LK Series  
Originally, the Koenig-Expander plug focused on the hydraulic industry. The Koenig Expander plug can withstand working pressures in excess of 7,200 PSI thus enabling it to be used in a wide variety of components such as control valves, pumps and...

Gasket Sheets  
Inmarco Industries offers gasket sheets, Inmarco Ingraf GS. Advantages: a wide range of densities from 0.7 gm/cc to 1.4 gm/cc; conforms to distorted flange surfaces-excellent resilience and compression even at relatively low pressure over a wide...

Gasket Tape for Flange Joints  
Inmarco Industries offers gasket tape for flange joints. Inmarco Ingraf FJ. Advantages: can be used in tandem as a complete gasket with conventional gaskets types such as PTFE spiral wound, metallic, etc; can be used to form gaskets from as small a...

Stuffing Box Foil Packing Inmarco Ingraf BF  
Inmarco Industries offers stuffing box foil packing – Inmarco Ingraf BF. Advantages: could be used by itself or in combination with other packings for effective sealing, nuclear compatibility; simply ‘top up’ into the stuffing box; wide range of...

Sealing and Tightening System For Holes  
The Koenig-Expander is a system to seal holes with absolute integrity in various components in mobile fluid power market. Comparec to earlier methods, such as threaded plugs with or without sealing software, press-in pins, welding, etc, the...

Graphite Packings  
Ultra-pure graphite packings (style 91 & 91 N), from Inmacro Industrial Maintenance (P) Ltd, are used for nuclear industry. Style 91 is interbraided square with purest graphite filament yarn for extreme high speeds where other packings cannot...

Sealing and Tightening Systems  
Unique sealing and lightening systems (Koenig-expander) offered by Inmarco Industrial Maintenance (P) Ptd, are used for sealing holes with absolute integrity in various components from the mobile fluid power market. Compared to earlier methods, such...

Contact Details:
Inmarco Industries Pvt Ltd
104, Gayatri Behind Mittal Industrial Estate, Andheri-kurla Road, Andheri (e) ,
Mumbai - 400059 Maharashtra. India
022-28509991 • 40808080 91-22-28506220

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