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Demolition Robot from Indrex Pvt Ltd

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Mumbai, India based Indrex Pvt Ltd offers Demolition Robot.


Indrex offers Demolition Robot, Brokk 400. This is the largest machine in the Brokk range and the most powerful Demolition Robot available on the market today.

Its performance outbreaks a several times heavier conventional excavator, still the Brokk 400 is agile and small enough to work in tight spaces. With the impressive weight/power ratio the Brooke 400 has the muscle to demolish very strong concrete structures while eliminating the need of expensive shorting.

It is also very productive in open space.

To maximize utilization of Brokk 400 it can be fitted with a wide selection of demolition tools including hydraulic breaker, concrete crusher, steel shears, buckets of different kinds, scabbler, driller, and grapple. Demolition in processing industries is tough on tools and equipment.

Slag removal, cleaning of ladles, kilns, and furnaces must be done quickly and with precision. Other similar jobs include stripping of linings in cement and lime kilns.

For these often hot environments, the Brokk 400 can be obtained with heat resistant hoses, extra cylinder protection, steel shoes, inclined steel tracks and air cooling system. For the very heavy demolition jobs within the construction, you need efficient equipment.

The Brokk 400 removes heavily reinforced concrete vaults and foundations with speed and accuracy while the operator remains at a safe distance, free from vibrations and falling debris.

Contact Details:
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209/B, Knox Plaza, Chincholi Bunder Off Link Road, Mind Space, Malad (W)
Mumbai - 400064, Maharashtra,
Telephone 022-42366209
Fax 91-22-42366299
Last updated on: Thu Dec 6 2018

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