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Circular Connectors from Hitech India Pvt Ltd

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Hyderabad, India based Hitech India Pvt Ltd offers Circular Connectors.


Hitech (India) offers a wide range of Circular Connectors conforming to defense standards like MIL-C-5015, JSS-50812, JSS 50860, etc. These connectors have polychoroprene as insulator, which can resist temperature up to 125oC.

Contacts are precisely turned and silver plated in high grade copper alloy providing better contact and low voltage drop.

The body comes with aluminum alloy, which is duly plated for corrosive resistance. Recently, the company successfully indigenised Russian connectors that include WP, 2PM, and PC Series having big size high power connectors to miniature size signal connectors.

These have been tested in extreme corrosive climatic and atmosphere conditions and are now used in most of defense applications.

These connectors have the resistivity of temperature up to 180oC. The company has full in-house facility for developing and manufacturing any type of special connectors as per the customer requirement.

Contact Details:
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11-A/B, Phase V, IDA- Cheriapally, HCL Post
Hyderabad - 500062, Andhra Pradesh,
Telephone 040-32562434 / 32562435
Last updated on: Thu Jan 31 2019

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