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Silicon Green Synthetic Thermic Fluid from Generation Four Engitech Ltd

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Jodhpur, India based Generation Four Engitech Ltd offers Silicon Green Synthetic Thermic Fluid.


Generation Four Engitech Ltd offers cost effective Silicon Green Synthetic. Thermic Fluid, Hitech Therm 60, a hitech solution for effective heat transfer.

This 4th generation fluid is manufactured in technical collaboration with world renowned Source Explore Ltd, Hongkong. Distinct features of Hitech Therm 60 (eco-friendly, non-hazardous) give it a long and low maintenance life resulting into low top ups, reduction in problems of low as well as high boilers.

Silicon Green Hitech Therm 60 is a 100% synthetic fluid formulated to take care of  several limitations attached to mineral thermic fluids and it is highly compatible with other thermic fluids (it improves fluidity and thermal efficiency of the system when mixed with other mineral as well as synthetic fluids).

Features: very low viscosity -- 20 cST at 40oC; high flash point – 205oC (ASTMD-92); very high bulk temperature – 320oC; lowest pour point (-)40oC; high boiling point -- 361oC at 1013 mbar; total acid number – 0.01 mg KOH/g; and negligible moisture content – less than 90 part per million with coefficient of thermal expansion 0.00096/oC providing high thermal and high oxidation stability. The supplies of Hitech Therm 60 are backed by proactive and efficient after sales services of the company’s well equipped testing laboratory and services of heat transfer system technologists.

Contact Details:
Mr. Prem Jain
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Mandeep Tower, Residency Road
Jodhpur - 342001, Rajasthan,
Telephone 0291-2772655
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Generation Four Engitech Ltd

Last updated on: Wed Apr 10 2019

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