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Electronic Motor Starter from Gelco Electronic Pvt Ltd

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Ahmedabad, India based Gelco Electronic Pvt Ltd offers Electronic Motor Starter.


Gelco electronic motor starter is developed by using IC technology available in single phase up to 3 HP and in 3-phase up to 10 HP (DOL). It protects electric motor against overloading, single phasing, low/high voltages, reverse supply, low arcing and single phasing on motor side.

It gives LED indication for overload and running conditions. The plug-in adopters are available for automatic liquid level controller.

Auto restart switch and time delay are the optional features. Fully automatic star delta starter (FASD) are also available up to 15 HP motors.

Electronic Motor Starters specially developed for single-phase submersible pumps are also available up to 3 HP motors. Single-phase starter measures 190 x 110 x 90 mm and weighs 1.7 kg.

Three-phase starter measures 205 x 130 x 95 mm and weighs 2.8 kg. Single-phase starters work satisfactorily in-between 150 to 280 V and three-phase starters work satisfactorily in-between 250 and 500 V.

Electronic Motor Starter give total protection to the electric motors. The company has specially developed small, elegant Electronic Motor Starters namely guard up to 1HP motor (current range 0.75 A, 1.5 A and 1.5-2.5 A).

This is economical tool.

Contact Details:
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6-7-8 and 16 Amarnath Estate, Naroda Road, Near Krishna Gopal Estate
Ahmedabad - 380025, Gujarat,
Telephone 079-22200902/2177/0434/0851 / 079-22202177
Fax 91-79-22200646
Last updated on: Wed Mar 13 2019

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