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Gemet 209 Stainless Steel Electrodes from GEE Ltd

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Thane, India based GEE Ltd offers Gemet 209 Stainless Steel Electrodes .


GEE Ltd set up it first welding electrode manufacturing plant in India through a technical collaboration with a German company in the year 1969. Today, the company’s unmatched expertise in welding technology and metallurgy, driven by in-house R and D and global networking and documentation systems can solve welding problems however intricate they may be.

It has now set up two green field plants doubling the production capacity to 13,200 tonnes. These plants, ISO 9001:2000 accredited by Det Norske Veritas, are fully integrated and are equipped with modern machinery and systems for production, packing and dispatch.

The company offers Stainless Steel Electrodes, Gemet 209. Characteristics a rutile, coated electrode depositing austenitic/ferritic stainless steel weld metal with a ferrule content of approximately FN 40, and the weld metal exhibits excellent tolerance to dilution from dissimilar and difficult-to-weld materials without hot cracking.

Typical applications: difficult-to-weld steels, e.g., high carbon hardenable tool, die and spring steels, 13% Min steels, free cutting steels, high temperature steels, dissimilar joints between stainless and high carbon steels, surfacing metal-to-metal areas, hot working tools, furnace component. Hardness of the undiluted weld metal: 180-220 BHN, outstanding features: spray type metal transfer, smooth weld bead, electrode does not get red hot, easy deslagging, very low spatter loss, soft arc, excellent weldability for all steels, welding procedure: clean weld area, bevel heavy sections, use recommended current, dry the electrodes at 200oC/2 hrs, use short arc.

Corrosion resistance: good resistance to sulphurous gases at high temperature. Good resistance to wet corrosion up to approximately 300oC.

Contact Details:
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Plot E-1, Road No: 7, Wagle Industrial Estate
Thane - 400604, Maharashtra,
Telephone 022-25821277/0619
Fax 91-22-25828938
Last updated on: Sun Mar 3 2019

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