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Internal Roller Burnishing Tools from Dynemech Systems Pvt Ltd

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New Delhi, India based Dynemech Systems Pvt Ltd offers Internal Roller Burnishing Tools.


Roller burnishing is a cold working process in which highly polished and hardened rollers roll over the surface and high peaks of the surface roughness, cold flow into the cavities thereby imparting smooth surface finish of the order of 0.05 μm Ra and close dimensional tolerance. Dynemech Systems offers a variety of internal burnishing tools.

Series-DST/DSB (DST-through bore series; DSB-blind bore) series is designed to burnish short bores like bearing housings, etc. It has small adjustment range.

Series-DT/DB (DT-thru bore series; DB-blind bore series) is designed to burnish long through and blind bores up to 600 mm respectively. It can achieve   close dimensional tolerances.

Series: DST/DSB (DST-through bore series; DSB-blind bore series) is designed to burnish short bores like bearing housings etc. It has small adjustment range.

It can achieve close dimensional tolerances.

Contact Details:
Mr. Yogesh Bansal
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101, Priya Appts. , Sector-xiv, Rohini
New Delhi - 110085, Delhi,
Telephone 011-27347991
Website: /
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Dynemech Systems Pvt Ltd

Last updated on: Sun Apr 7 2019

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