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Rotary Gear Pumps from Dev Engineers

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Ahmedabad, India based Dev Engineers offers Rotary Gear Pumps.


Oil lubricating Rotary Gear Pumps (CGX series) offered by Dev Engineers, are flange-mounted type pumps used for circulating and transferring oil in centralised lubricating systems, pumping and heating systems, oil filtration and cleaning systems, transformer oil purification systems, oil coolers, etc. These gear pumps are designed in two-piece construction with pumps body and cover of GI grade-20.

The pumps' element is a pair of single helical modified profile alloy steel gear shrink fitted on carbon steel hardened and ground shaft and supported on either side by self-lubricated, oil impregnate, sintered bronze bush bearings. The Rotary Gear Pumps are available in nine different sizes, fromž" to 3" BSP inlet-outlet connection, with capacity ranging from 2.5 lpm to 500 lpm.

Flange mounting can converted to foot mounting with the help of CI L-type brackets.

Contact Details:
Mr. Divyang Bhavsar
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402, Nandan Complex, Opp Railway Crossing Mithakhali
Ahmedabad - 380006, Gujarat,
Telephone 79-26403839 / 27600730
Fax 79-26403839
Last updated on: Tue Jan 8 2019

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