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P-20 Energy Conservation System from Beblec India Pvt Ltd

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Tamil Nadu, India based Beblec India Pvt Ltd offers P-20 Energy Conservation System.


Beblec (India) offers P-20 Energy Conservation System for power saving in illumination. All gas discharge lamps are designed to operate with 220V and withstand up to 250V.

The moment lights are switched on, the luminary control gear-choke develops the required striking voltage to establish the gas discharge inside the tube/bulb. Once, the gas is discharged inside the tube/bulb.

Once, the gas is discharged inside the tube/bulb, the choke would come in-series to the tube/bulb to maintain the minimum required voltage to keep up the action continuously. In the case of gas discharge lamps, the choke in the lamp requires normal voltage for striking.

However when the lamps are operated with more than the required voltage, the excess voltage flow in the lighting circuit normally generates heat loss in the choke, igniter, cable, etc., which leads to incurrence loss of energy, premature failure of choke, bulb and even short circuit.

Moreover, according to the characteristics of the discharge lamps, the light output would be proportionate to the discharge current till the saturation region. The light output almost reaches to saturation level although discharge current increases due to high voltage flow in the circuit, therefore the lamps would consume excess energy according to the voltage and its impact costs the performance of the lamps, chokes, etc.

The P-20 Energy Saver with the high efficient impendence coil or in other words called transformer optimizes the input supply voltage and current and provides the required voltage to the gas discharge lamps thereby the excess voltage flow is controlled and it provides saving of energy about 25% in the conventional choke and about 15% in the electronic choke and CFL lamps.

The P-20 energy savers are designed to provide trouble free operation to customers and are inbuilt with user-friendly accessories.

Contact Details:
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126, SIPCOT Industrial Complex, Hosur
Tamil Nadu - 635126, Tamil Nadu,
Telephone 04344-276358 / 400688
Fax 91-4344-276359
Last updated on: Thu Feb 28 2019

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