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Altos Electronics
Manufacturing and supplying led aviation obstruction light, led aviation warning light, aviation obstruction light and led lighting system.

Products from Altos Electronics:
Led Based Multi-Tier Lamp  
Allos Electronics, an IS 9001:2000 certified company and leader in LED technology; has developed LED-based Multi-Tier Lamps. These lamps can be used on CNC machines, moulding machines, conveyor lines to indicate process condition like...

Traffic Signals and Blinkers  
Altos Electronics, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is a leading manufacturer of LED based products, having an established range of low cost, energy efficient and highly reliable range of lightings. One of its leading products is the Traffic...

Aviation Obstruction Lamps  
Altos Electronics, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is engaged in designing and manufacturing only LED based products for last more than one decade. The aviation obstruction lamp manufactured by the company is one of the most trusted products. It...

LED Bulbs  
Altos Electronics have developed LED-based bulbs for home lighting applications. These bulbs are available in 1.5 W and 3.2 W to suit the requirement of illumination. The bulbs are available for mains (230 V AC) operation and 12 V DC operation (for...

Desk Illumination Light Led Based  
Altos Electronics had developed LED based desk illumination lights. Nowadays, advantages of LED are well known all over. These lamps consume only 8 W of electricity and gives 120 Lux @ 5 distance which is optimum for office work. The light spectrum...

Multi-tier Lamps  
It is used in CNC machines, moulding machines, conveyor lines, to indicate process condition like healthy, alarm or fault. These lamps can be driven directly by PLC output. It is totally immune to vibrations, solid-state and maintenance-free...

Solid Indicating Lamps  
Altos Electronics offers filament less bulbs and solid-state indicating lamps. These LED based indicators are mainly used to control panels for providing pilot indications. They are unbreakable, immune to vibrations, immune to voltage variations and...

Contact Details:
Altos Electronics
8 State Bank Colony, Shahu College Road,
Pune - 411009 Maharashtra. India
020-24445245 • 020-24449144, 24440573 20 4440573/4449144 • 020-4445245

Last Updated: Wed 5 Dec 2018

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