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Types of Industrial Racking Systems by James Wittering

[Feb 12, 2011]

For the most part, in our world today, where there is a need, a response to that need also exists. The same is true for safe, secure and organized storage of these types of materials. The response: Industrial Racking Systems.

Manufacturers of steel storage components have been able to develop heavy duty steel storage that have been designed especially for industrial storage uses. While these systems boast of weight capacities of over thirty tons, they are capable of storing large quantities of building and manufacturing materials in a space-saving manner. These systems have components that are made of heavy gauge steel, with heavy gauge steel bolts and specialised bolting systems to hold it all together. They can be manufactured to your specifications, allowing for a standard range of colors for indoor use or galvanised surfaces for outside use, protecting the components from exposure and deterioration from the elements.

Some types of industrial racking products include: cantilever racking, vertical racking, heavy duty racking, coil racking and vehicle storage racks. For the most part, all of these systems are made up of heavy gauge steel components, with the heavy duty steel bolts and bolting systems mentioned earlier and are made according to your specifications.

Examples of where you would likely find cantilever and vertical racking would be in your local DIY home improvement store or hardware stores. These systems utilize horizontal projected arms to either support the weight of the product or material being stored in a horizontal position (cantilever racking system) or the horizontal projected arms are utilized to separate and divide the area used to store products and materials in a vertical manner (vertical racking system). Coil racking systems and heavy duty racking would likely be found here as well, being used to store heavy coils of electrical wiring or to store heavy products and materials stored on pallets.

The vehicle storage rack is used by automotive dismantlers to organize and safely store discarded automobiles. These racks allow the vehicles to be stacked vertically and typically stores three automobiles. The vertical arrangement for the storage of these vehicles allows for the most efficient use of the valuable ground space in their lots.

If you have an industrial storage need, there is an industrial racking system to meet it.

About James Wittering
James Wittering writes articles for Wickens Engineering Ltd. Wickens manufacture and sell industrial racking systems across the UK.
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