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Branding Your Products - Graphic Overlays, Badges and Labels by Nick Milton

[Sep 03, 2010]
Whether you manufacture the products yourself or whether you simply use those produced by others, keeping a strong brand identity across all of your company's assets goes a long way to setting a high professional standard for your business. Here are a few ways that you can make sure that your brand name, your logo or even your colour scheme is seen:

Graphic Overlays:

A graphic overlay is a fairly expansive term that covers a variety of items that can be used to mark your identity on equipment. They're durable, long lasting and they come in a variety of materials - reflective, embossed resin, flexible membranes, whatever suits your equipment best it can easily be accommodated. Basically, a graphic overlay is a tailored cut-out that can be applied to your products to leave your distinctive mark on there. They're often seen on scientific equipment, computers, remote controls, AV equipment, photography kit, automobile parts or otherwise.

Industrial Labels

Another way you can put your logo or company design on products is via an industrial label. Adhesive materials can easily be tailored to your specifications, able to match any colour and can even incorporate gaps LED and display windows if you want. These aren't as durable as the graphic overlay option but they can be much More versatile and offer an extremely short lead time. Because text, designs and even space can be directly cut into the chosen material with industrial printing techniques they can be manufactured extremely quickly. These labels come in gloss, matte, laminate and a variety of textured finishes.

Badges/Domed labels

One eye-catching way of branding your products is to use a raised badge or a domed badge. These don't just stand out by design, their slightly 3D structure also stands out from the background of the product. They give a fantastic visual impact and like the other types, come in a wide variety of base materials and adhesive solutions. One particularly identifiable area where you see this sort of branding is on automobiles - many car manufacturers use this on their interior and exterior furnishings.

About Nick Milton
Diametric Technical - one of the leading label and badge manufacturer in United Kingdom provides industrial labelling, nameplates, product badging like domed badges, graphic overlays/fascias perfectly suited to your product's working environment and your budget.
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