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Euro & Standard Pallet Jacks - How to Choose What is Right For Your Business by Dan Holthouse

[Sep 02, 2010]

How to Choose the Perfect Pallet Jack.

In every business today the Health and Safety of your workforce is of utmost importance, not only to save them from personal injury but to reduce the cost an injury places on your bottom line. Without doubt the most common place for injury is in the warehouse where the majority of lifting and moving of stock takes place.

This means that if you warehouse stock you must have a cost effective method of moving the stock inward and outward with minimal risk of injury. By far the cheapest and most reliable way of moving stock is by using a Pallet Jack.

There are two different types of pallet jacks in common usage today, the most simplistic is the manual jack ideal for use in warehouses where pallets are stored mainly at ground level, the manual pallet jack resembles a dolly that features forks on the front end. The operator walks behind the manual jack, controlling the direction of the jack with a simple steering mechanism. The forks are slid underneath a pallet, and the operator uses a lever to gently active the lifting mechanism on the device. The manual pallet jacks are then used to walk the elevated pallet over to a new location on the warehouse or plant floor.

When looking at purchasing a Pallet Jack there are a few questions that you will need to ask yourself. The first would be how heavy the stock you will be lifting is. As a guide most of the Jacks on the Market are designed to lift 2500Kg, which would generally cover most warehouse uses as moving anything over 2500kg would be beyond most storeman.

The next question would be "what is the surface of the floor that it will be used on?" The main reason to ask this question is Pallet Jacks are available with either Polyurethane or Nylon wheels. Polyurethane wheels are perfect for shopping centres, tiled floors, marble floors, timber floors as these wheels wont mark. Nylon wheels are hard and perfect for concrete and warehouse floors, but they will mark.

Finally you will find that if you look around the warehouse you will see the Pallets themselves come in two main different widths. These are often classified into Euro or Standard Pallets. Euro Pallet Jacks are designed with the forks closer together (usually 450-570mm) while the Standard are 685mm apart. If you intend to use the popular Chep or cheap Pallets you will find the Standard Jacks perfect but if you use the Euro Pallet's then the Euro Jack will understandably more useable. The only exception would be if the Jack is to be used in the back of a truck where space is at a premium. In this case the Euro would possibly the best choice.

I hope by reading this article I hope that it has helped to take the mystery out of buying a Pallet Jack.

About Dan Holthouse
At Rackpallet we sell a large range of Pallet Jacks including Euro or Standard Jacks. We also supply a full range of warehouse supplies including Pallet Racking, Long span Shelving as well as Epoxy and Chrome shelves. We can also supply and install cantilever racking, mezzanine shelves and Drive in Racking. Our offices are located in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. You can view our full range at
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