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Glossary of Industrial Words, Phrases & Terms

Context: Manufacturing Automation: Link Access Protocol.

Rapid Manufacturing
Rapid Manufacturing refers to the use of rapid prototyping technologies to directly manufacture low volumes of parts.

Context: Foam: A natural rubber product which is not related to polyurethane foam. A synthetic resin used in the manufacture of water soluble paint coatings. PVA and acrylic are two types of latex...

Core Density
Context: Foam: The density of the foam sampled without skin, glue lines or compressed sections at or near the center of the final foamed shape.

Test Requirement
The stimulus, measurement, power, loads and any special test equipment or procedure essential to validate proper operation of a device or some predetermined design control or product specification...

Concept Of Execution
Represents the dynamic relationships of the components. It can include such descriptions as flow of execution control, data flow, dynamically controlled sequencing, state transition diagrams, timing...

Context: Drilling: a volatile organic compound that occurs naturally in petroleum and is also produced by the combustion of petroleum products. Context: Petroleum Industry: An aromatic hydrocarbon...

Context: Drilling: the science of chemistry applied to rocks and minerals; geochemists analyze the contents of subsurface rocks for the presence of organic matter associated with oil deposits.

Context: Petroleum Industry: Formation of hard deposits on boiler tubes and/or piston crowns, usually due to the presence of sodium, vanadium and sulfur.

A/D Converter
Context: Manufacturing Automation: (Also A/D or ADC) Short for analog-to-digital converter. Converts real-world analog signals into a digital format that can be processed by a computer.


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