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Why Haven't Motherboards Changed? by Aki Horie
Motherboards have been on the same standard size, created by Intel, the ATX form-factor motherboard....

Slow Computer? Seven Ways to Return a Slow Computer To Like New Performance by Steve Kern
Do you have a computer that is running much slower than it was the day you bought it? Here are 7 things you can do to improve the computer speed to its '"like new" condition. Anti-Virus Updates Viruses can slow done the performance of your computer. Make sure that your virus definition files are......

Secure Your Windows XP And Your Data by Vincent Moore
A lot of computer users just unpack their new computer switch it on and never give any thought to there online security while they surf the internet. If you use your computer to do work or shop online, computer security is something everyone should give some thought....

Security Evolution Continues for Vista and XP by Carl Weinschenk
A recent Redmond Magazine piece doesn't give the date - it was August 2004 - that Microsoft released Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). At that point the company committed what, according to the writer, many think was a mistake: The default switching on of the host-based Internet Connection Firewall......

Data Protection Strategies - Are You Protecting Your Data And Your Business? by T Rhodes
We lock our businesses, our homes and our cars to restrict wrongful entry and burglary. We invest heavily in security systems to deter and prevent loss. But how can we similarly protect intellectual property?...


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