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Creative Writing Fears- I'm Scared Of What I Might Unleash From My Creative Mind by Dan Goodwin
As creative writers, there are many different fears we could have about our creative writing. Fear is one of the major reasons why we donít write to our full creative potential, and why sometimes we donít write at all....

How to Create an Outline for all your Articles by Barry Sheppard
We were all taught how important an outline is for your article at school - from the basics at junior high, through to high school and much more intensely at college. It doesn't matter how many times a person has written articles it is still something that many people would rather avoid. But now......

How To Understand Rejection Letters by Marilyn R. Henderson
Wanting to be a novelist is a lot easier than actually becoming one. Planning and writing a novel takes months, or for some people, years. When your manuscript makes it to an editor's desk, you feel that you're almost at the finish line and envision bounding across it....

How To Use Quotations Effectively? by Brenda Wilson
Quotations are the repetition of words used by somebody in the past. When you repeat the speech or spoken words of a character from a play or novel, you are said to be quoting that character. Use of quotes requires quotation marks, speech marks or inverted commas to denote repetition....

Fiction - Easing Exposition into a Story by Joy Cagil
Exposition is the descriptive material that sets a tone to a piece of writing and introduces the background, the characters, and other facts. Exposition is better used in non-fiction, but the need for it can be crucial to the success of a story also....


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