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Working Women & Their Fitness Regime by Hayi Mansoor
Gone are the days when women would stay back at home and do the house hold cores. Today, women are making use of their skills. They stand shoulder to shoulder to a man. Their work at times can be so hectic that they may hardly be able to spend their time on taking care of their health and their......

Be The Woman on Top by Bradlley Mckoy
It's not easy being a woman in a man's world, especially when you're building a career in a male-dominated industry....

Be A Confident Woman At Work by Laura Browne
We all have times when we feel nervous and unsure. Here are some practical tips to help you to project a confident image at work....

Childhood Sexual Abuse - A Time to Talk by Pamela Arsena
As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I find it amazing how few people can talk about their experiences openly. I find myself asking why that is. Is it because society just wants to push it under the rug and pretend it does not exist or is it as former victims we still feel like it is our fault......

Breast Cancer - Check Your Level Of Awareness! by Saidul A Shaari
Letís talk about breast cancer today. In general, it is the fifth most common cause of cancer attributed death in the world. It is more common to women than men worldwide. The most prevalent type of breast cancer is ductal carcinoma, a form of inflammatory breast cancer that has been diagnosed in......


A man may fulfill the object of his existence by asking a question he cannot answer, and attempting a task he cannot achieve. - Oliver Wendell Holmes
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