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Watch Out For The 'Red Eye' Signal

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Healthy eyes are clear and sparking. Normally, they relay on their own protective mechanism to stay healthy. The swift flicker of an eye-lash keeps out a speck of dust. If the speck does get in, tears wash it to a corner of the eye and soothe the passing irritation. This mechanism, however, is not an adequate safeguard against infectious bacteria, or against serious conditions that develop from minor irritations.

Redness and inflammation are the first signs that your eyes need special care. It is wise to get prompt, effective treatment at this initial stage.

Conjunctivitis is the commonest cause of red eyes, and in its early stage there is also itching, burning, dryness, fatigue and the sensation of a foreign body in the eye - all of which are more pronounced at night. If neglected acute symptoms being to set in: watering and discharge, photophobia (sensitivity to light), oedema (swelling due to accumulation of fluid), haemorrhage and sticking of the eyelids.

Other common causes of eye trouble

Redness of the eyes can also be due to minor irritations from air polluted by gases, chemicals and noxious particles; or because of dust, soot, smoke and wind, or too much sun; or reading and working for long hours in light that is too bright or too dim. Those who go on long journeys, work in factories, or undertake intensive study or desk work at the office are particularly susceptible to strained and irritates eyes. For them, regular care and timely treatment are specially important to preserve their eyesight.

Whenever redness or inflammation appears, a good brand of eye drops can provide very helpful medication to clear away these complaints and give immediate, soothing relief. If regular application of eye drops does not restore your eyes to normal within a few days, consult a doctor. Stubborn symptoms could indicate a systemic disease, and occasionally, a fungal infection.

Personal eye care

But why not play safe and look after your eyes before any trouble beings. Remember these basic rules to keep your eyes healthy:

  • During a long spell of reading or desk work, close your eyes and relax them for a few minutes at intervals.
  • Make sure of adequate, glare-free lighting. Ideally the source of light should be placed above and behind your shoulder.
  • Avoid towels used by others. Eye diseases can be highly infectious.
  • Eat nourishing, well-balanced meals.
  • Get enough sleep and relaxation. If your eyes are strained or sore-soothe them with reliable, medicated eye drops containing a safe antiseptic and astringent agent.
  • Ensure that a serious eye condition does not develop. Always carry a bottle of medicated eye drops when you go on a journey. Use them the moment your eyes give you trouble.

Stella Marie is a trained Beautician & Dietician. Alongwith her clinic, she also runs the popular website Visit for more articles.
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