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Coating Thickness Meter from Yuyutsu Instruments

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Thane, India based Yuyutsu Instruments offers Coating Thickness Meter.


Yuyutsu Instruments offers Coatmeasure, which measures coating thickness, M2s, M6s,  and M12s: for non-magnetic coatings on magnetic base; ideal for coatings on MS; C2s and C4s; for non-conductive coatings on conductive base; for anodising and coatings on brass and aluminium; (M&C) 2s: combined model of M2s and C2s.

Statistics are updated with every reading and displayed simultaneously.

Auto-Off if instrument remains unused for 2 minutes, it is switched off automatically, thus saving battery. Models M have hard-chrome plated probe tips and models C have probe tips of wear resistant material.

Spring-loaded probe sleeve with tip ensures probe is held perpendicular. Test base is provided to check satisfactory working.

Contact Details:
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W-248 MIDC Phase II, Dombivli (E)
Thane - 421 204, Maharashtra,
Telephone 0251-2870956/1569 / 2871569, 5690341
Last updated on: Tue Jul 10 2018

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