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Axial Piston Pump PV Series from Yeoshe Hydraulics Co Ltd

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Taiwan, Taiwan, Province Of China based Yeoshe Hydraulics Co Ltd offers Axial Piston Pump PV Series.


Yeoshe Hydraulics was established in 1989 and manufactures a range of axial piston pumps, fixed/variable displacement vane pumps, gear pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic systems, piston/vane pump accessories and hydraulic machinery, etc. The company offers PV series axial piston pumps.

Features: large servo piston with a strong bias spring achieves fast response, e.g., for PV46, up-stroke <70 ms, down-stroke <40 ms; reduced pressure peaks due to active decompression of system, at down-stroke; also at low system pressure, reliable compensator operation for the lowest compensating pressure <20 bar; nine piston and new pre-compression technology (pre-compression filter volume) result in an unbeaten, low outlet flow pulsation; rigid and FEM-optimised body design for lowest noise level; complete compensator program; thru drive for 100% nominal torque; and pump combinations (multiple pumps) of same size and model and mounting interface for basically all metric or SAE mounting interfaces.

Contact Details:
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1, Alley 29, Lane 190, Jen Ai Rd, Ta Li City, Taichung Hsien
Telephone 886-4-24915518
Fax 886-4-24910715
Last updated on: Mon Jan 25 2016

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