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Advanced Temperature Calibrators from Waaree Instruments Ltd

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Mumbai, India based Waaree Instruments Ltd offers Advanced Temperature Calibrators.


The Jofra ATC series is a complete test laboratory for temperature that can be programmed and taken out to the process line. It takes calibration routines to new level of credibility, accuracy and potential.

Salient features: active dual-zone heating block-ensures optimum temperature homogeneity in the well; improved accuracy-built-in external reference sensor; input for all common types of temperature sensors-no need for multiple instruments; download of calibration routines and upload of results-automatic documenting, stand-alone calibration system saves time;

MVI circuitry-ensures temperature stability, irrespective of mains supply variation. Programmed for automated calibrations, the operator can leave the ATC calibrator after setup and turn his attention to other tasks.

The B version has a built-in reference thermometer for use with an external probe; and built-in converters that can measure all common temperature sensor types including thermostats, resistance thermometers, thermocouples, transmitters, milliamps, and voltage.

Contact Details:
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36 Damji Shamji Industrial Complex, Off Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (E)
Mumbai - 400093, Maharashtra,
Telephone 022-66963030 / 26874778
Fax +91-22-26873613 / 28321273
Last updated on: Fri Jun 1 2018

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